What Makes the Volvo XC60 Great for Winter Driving?

A Winter-Ready Drivetrain
The Volvo XC60 is available with an intelligent all-wheel drive system that helps you maintain control even in rapidly changing conditions. It can react instantly to wheel slip on a snowy surface and shifts torque accordingly to help you stay on the road. When you get stuck or bogged down, it can send power to all four wheels to help keep you pushing forward, and can even send power to the wheels with more grip to give you better pushing power.

A Luxurious Interior
When you choose a Volvo XC60 from our dealership serving Glendale Heights, you’ll find heated seats are a part of every model available. That gives you additional, direct warmth to help keep you comfortable on even the most frigid days. The optional heated steering wheel goes one step further to keep your hands warm while you drive as well.

You can even get heated side mirrors to remove frost and ice without scraping for a safer drive in harsh winter conditions.

Remote Start Options
Adding Volvo On Call gives you smartphone access to your Volvo XC60 from anywhere your smartphone can find an internet connection. That allows you to not only see your vehicle status and lock your doors, but also start the engine and climate control system using the app.

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