Volkswagen Golf Polo Dash Lights Not Working

You rely upon the dash lights to see critical information on your instrument panel, so if they’re not working, you want to get them fixed right away. Without functioning dash lights, you can miss important information about your vehicle.

It is best to start by evaluating the problem one step at a time. The easiest solutions should be the first ones you try.

First, there is a dashboard dimmer switch, so your first step is to make sure that it has not been turned down. Your owner’s manual will show you where it is on your Volkswagen.

Second, check the fuses. A bad fuse can keep the lights from working. You can find the fuse box either under the hood or by the driver’s side floor. You may need to check more than one box for the fuse to the dashboard lights. Use the fuse diagram on the box lid to get the proper location of the fuses. Replace any blown fuses with the proper replacement fuses. Improper fuses can cause electrical problems.

Third, test the lights in the dashboard by removing the faceplate on the dashboard panel:

  1. Take the screws off that hold it in place and look for the bulb on the backside of the panel.
  2. Carefully twist and pull it out of the socket.
  3. Examine it for filament damage.
  4. Replace the bulb if it is discolored or is dark. Use an exact replacement bulb. Add a touch of bulb grease to the base of the bulb before you replace it. This will increase the longevity of the bulb.
  5. If you cannot tell if you need a new bulb, take it with you when you go to purchase a replacement. Most places can test the bulb for you.
  6. If it’s not bad, then put it back in with a bit of bulb grease on the base.

If you have tried these things and still have no lights on your dashboard, then you may have an electrical issue that requires more professional assistance. You should take your Volkswagen to your nearest dealership or shop.

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