The Keyless Entry Auto Remote Key fob is broken … what is it now?

You need to know that you can use the key to unlock your car if the fob stops working. The alarm system may be activated, but the siren may stop when the key is put into the ignition. If you are using a keyless ignition, getting in and starting the vehicle can be a bit more complicated. Many fobs have a built-in spare key that you can use if your car or fob’s battery runs out.

If you are working with an old car key fob or remote control, the fob may require a new battery. The owner’s manual may include instructions for opening the remote control and replacing the batteries. If you don’t have a manual, a quick search on the internet will give you the answer. You probably only need a flat-blade screwdriver to do the job. If the vehicle is old enough, you can also replace the key fob shell. For example, if you are using a long mileage Toyota or Honda, the fob button may be broken or the image may be missing. You can probably get a new fob from the aftermarket. Then, when you replace the key fob battery, you can use a brand new remote key fob in a matter of dollars and minutes by simply replacing the internal components.

If the fob is really broken, consider a replacement. For older cars that have not been manufactured within the last 10 years, you may be able to order a new key fob from your dealer, locksmith, or the internet. If you still have two original working fobs, you may be able to program them yourself. If you don’t have a fob, you may need professional help. That means hiring a locksmith or towing a car to a mechanic or dealer.

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