Smart Key and Auto Remote Battery Replacement

Many people are unaware that their car remote or smart key is battery-operated. When it stops working, they’re at a loss. Do they need a new remote, is it broken? Usually the culprit is a dead or low battery.
Smart Key and Auto Remote Battery Replacement

Wait! Do not go to the nearest pharmacy or discount store and grab a battery. Batteries that sit on the shelf for months and sometimes years age and lose their voltage. We refresh our battery supply weekly. This means that our batteries always have the highest possible charge and will operate your remote properly and for a longer period of time.

Do not open that remote or smart key case! We have many customers that have tried to change their own battery and end up at our store because the remote no longer works. The electronic board in your remote or smart key is delicate. We are experienced at opening your remote case and handling your board with care and checking to make sure the battery is the issue. (We clean your board with electronic cleaner while we’re at it.) When we hand you your remote, it will be in good working condition. No worries.

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