Reprogramming Land Rover Discovery 2 Remote Key Fob

The sequence followed was:
  1. Open hood and have assistant hold hood alarm switch down.
  2. From inside car, with all doors closed, ignition off and all lock buttons up
  3. Turn ignition on then off
  4. Cycle drivers door button down then up.
  5. Assistant now releases hood switch.
  6. Turn ignition on then off.

If done correctly, horn will beep once and dash LED will light up. This indicates the learn mode has been accessed. If this doesn't happen repeat 1 through 6.

Some questions (not to be misconstrued as splitting hairs): When turning the ignition on & off, is the key turned to the 1st or 2nd key advancement? The engine starts when the key reaches the 3rd position. Also, when cycling the driver door button down then up..... is that done with the button on the dash, or done manually? When done manually, the button goes down just fine, but will will not come back up AND stay in the up position on its' own. It will remain in the "up" position if I hold it there, obviously, but not on its' own, as it had been prior to being pushed down. Third, is there some other hidden obscure "hood switch" that the "assistant" needs to be pressing and releasing? I've found one obvious one, towards the front drivers' side of the engine compartment.

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