Programming Your BMW Key E38 E39 X5 E46 X3

Replacement BMW key fobs must be programmed before use. Programming initializes your remote key and pairs it with your BMW, letting you use it to lock and unlock your vehicle.

To enable or disable the remote function of a BMW replacement key follow the below process:

With all remote keys in the car at the same time close and lock all doors.
Turn ignition on/off to Run Position with New Master Key.
Remove Key without opening any doors
Press and hold UNLOCK button (Arrow Button) on new Master Key.
While holding unlock button press key LOCK button (BMW Logo) briefly 3 times in succession ensuring to keep the unlock button depressed. Press the buttons quickly but not fast, short 1 second pauses between BMW logo button presses.
Release both buttons at the same time on the final button press.
Doors will lock and unlock to confirm remote function initialization. Carry out same button press programming procedure for each key within 30 seconds (up to 4 remote keys) to enable all keys on remote door lock system.
If you have lost a key or would otherwise like to disable the remote function of one of your keys, you follow the above process with all keys except the key you would like to remove. The old or lost door remote will be removed from the list of active door remotes by this process and the lost key will no longer remotely unlock your car.

Any remote key not programmed during the same session will no longer lock/unlock & arm/disarm (FZV & DWA) the vehicle...although the key will still start the car (EWS).

Remote Key Initialization
The initialization of the FZV keys is required to establish the Lock/Unlock signal synchronization with the GM. The initialization procedure provides the GM with a key identification number and a "rolling code" for each key. If the initialization is not performed, the GM will not respond to the key signals.

Up to 4 remote keys can be initialized. They must be initialized at the same time. Key initialization is only possible with the vehicle unlocked.

BMW remote keys
Close all doors and have all keys available.
Using key number 1, turn the ignition switch to KL R, then switch off within 5 seconds and remove the first key.
Within 30 seconds of turning the ignition switch to "off", Press and hold button #2.
While holding button #2, press and release ("tap") button #1 three times within 10 seconds.
Release both buttons. The LED in the key will flash momentarily (except 2000 MY). The GM will immediately lock and unlock the doors signaling a successful initialization.
If additional keys need to be initialized repeat steps 3–5 within 30 seconds.
Switching the ignition to KL R completes the initialization.
NOTE: The key memory function of the GM responds to the key identification number of each key. If the keys are not initialized in the same order prior to initialization, the key memory functions activated by the keys will not be assigned correctly. Always initialize the keys in the same order.

Initializing new key for starting the car
If the new key will not start the car right away it easily addressed by using the Original key to initialize:

Turn ignition on to Run Position with Original Master Key.
Remove Key from ignition.
Within 5 seconds, Turn ignition on/off to Run Position with New Master Key.
Once completed the GMIII will assign a different set of rolling codes to the FZV/DWA programming.

BMW Master Key Tips
Open all Windows and Sunroof
Pressing unlock button and holding key unlock button in depressed position opens windows and then sunroof. Releasing button at anytime will stop the process.

Close all windows and Sunroof
In some BMWs pressing and Holding key lock button in depressed position closes windows and then sunroof. Releasing button at anytime will stop the process.

Activate alarm without internal motion sensor
Alarm system gradient sensor and interior movement sensor can be deactivated, proceed as follows (if equipped): Briefly press key lock button a second time after activating alarm, central locking and double locking system. (in certain BMWs with the alarm sensor light the light will flash to confirm)

Alarm system gradient sensor and interior movement sensor are switched off until alarm, central locking and double locking system are deactivated.

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