LED Cup Holder Lights: a truly stunning way of dressing up your interior

Do you need car interior lighting when the pocket lamp attached to the car roof can provide brightness? The answer is yes, because indoor lighting is not just a little light from a small light bulb, but something that can illuminate the entire seating area and floor space when possible. HEART HORSE ensures that you never have to be satisfied with the lack of overall environmental lighting or compromise. Therefore, the car’s LED accent lighting appears in the picture.

The requirements for lighting vary from person to person. Drivers with relatively low heights will find that lights protruding from the legroom are more conducive to contact with the brakes and accelerator. On the other hand, passengers or drivers who want a dreamy atmosphere will find ceiling lights more suitable. Let's take a look at the various accent lights of Aonu Motors, so that you can understand what suits your mood best.

Fiber Optic Multicolor Kit

Instead of having an accent kit that offers ambient lighting, why not go for the fiber optic modern accent lighting that will highlight all the sections of the car starting from the dashboard to the air-conditioning unit, door handle bowl to the door frame, gear box to the music system, seating area to the cup holder. These high light transmitting diodes are flexible, waterproof and anti-corrosive while being suitable for any type of vehicles with DC power supply of 12V. The optical fiber consumes low energy and is safe to use with non-conductive, non-heating properties.

Dynamic Starlight Super Version Projector

Seven colors namely red, blue, green, ice-blue, yellow, white and light purple are added in the super version of starry sky LED accent lights where you can even add super nebula lens for an additional nebula effect in addition to the starry night sky. There are flash mode, breathing mode, dynamic mode in forward-backward motion and music mode with rhythmic flashing.

Red And Blue Premium Starlight Kit

With Class II B graded red, blue and green laser lighting, the premium starry skylight kit is waterproof with IPX4 rating. In breathing mode, the red and blue lights change alternately, in flash mode, the red and blue lights flash alternately and in music mode, the LED lights flash in the musical rhythm.

Single Color Intermediate Version Starlight

Unlike the premium version, here you can choose either blue or red color for the starlight effect where red light without remote control has only one glowing effect and the remote-controlled blue light has three modes namely breathing, flash and music modes.

Single color ambient general version kit also works in the same way although here you only get red light color in single and multiple lighting modes.


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