LED Car Cup Holder Lights: Shining lights in your automotive Design within $50

Economical LED car logo coaster for that royal sip from your favorite drink
To beat monotony and boredom, one likes to hang-out in a coffee shop or a juice corner to grab a quick drink, but while driving it can get tricky for the driver. The question is where would you keep the glass? The default cup holders in a standard car aren’t perfect to keep the cup in place while you drive, therefore, you can make this LED car cup holder yours for only $40, which is rather a lifetime investment.

So, here Heart Horse brings you the best from the rest, an assortment of LED enabled luxurious coasters to let you relish your drink and your journey simultaneously. The gorgeous holders are anti-slip, anti-scratch, and waterproof, thus makes a tight grip on the cup placed on it. Also, even if you put a hot cup of coffee on this car logo coaster, rest assured that it won’t get damaged because of its temperature resistant property.


The logos are customized with your car’s brand name and emit a dim light, enough to subtly light up the interior. The best part is they are so handy and need to be charged using a normal USB cable for two hours and then they run non-stop for 15 days.

Both the accessories are the interior car decorative which is ideal if you like to upgrade your cars with some hot and trending ancillaries coming under $50.


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