How much does it cost to replace a key fob?

The first and most shocking thing to know about replacing a smart key or key fob is that it will probably be expensive. The absolute minimum you can expect to pay is $ 15 for an old car aftermarket fob. It is only if there are still fobs left to program the new fobs yourself. This is an unlikely scenario, so expect a much higher cost.

Aftermarket replacement remote controls for the 2011 Civoratorho ranged from $ 40 to $ 70, the 2015 Hyundai Tucson replacement fob from $ 95 to $ 145, and the 2019 Cadillac ST4 fob from $ 100 to $ 155. OEM fobs are more expensive, but some can be programmed by the owner as instructed in the owner’s manual.

The latest and most advanced fobs probably don’t have an aftermarket replacement option. In addition, consider the cost of keycuts, which can be an additional $ 50 to $ 150, and programming that usually costs $ 75 to $ 75 for at least an hour’s work time at a dealer or mechanic. increase. $ 200.

The second cheapest option after the do-it-yourself aftermarket route is probably a professional lock shop. Many lock shops are mobile. This means you can come to you instead of paying for towing services. It’s an immediate savings and the service will be less than the dealer. Estimated savings can be 20% to 50% below the dealer’s cost. Mobile lockers may not have the latest equipment to program the latest technology, so anyone with a new vehicle may be stuck at the dealership. Luxury and European products are particularly expensive and are unlikely to be within the capabilities of a local lock shop. Some auto parts stores also offer key fob replacement and programming services, which are cheaper than dealers.

The dealer may be the most expensive option for key and fob replacement, but the latest technology may mean that it is your only option. Dealer service has its advantages. You may have the equipment and parts you need to get back on the road within a few hours. Again, the prices are very different. Replacing most Nissan or Ford keys is much cheaper than a BMW or Audi.

BMW’s replacement key service can cost between $ 400 and $ 1,000, depending on the technological advances in the system. Some BMW keys have a color touch screen display. This is clearly more costly than the old Pontiac and Saturn clickers. Today’s Toyota price range is like $ 150- $ 450 for key exchange services at car dealers.

Keyed cuts can also be costly. Basic keys cost $ 5 or $ 10 to cut at a locksmith or hardware store. The latest laser cut keys offer a higher level of security, but keys and cuts can cost $ 150 to $ 250. In most new vehicles, there is only one key and fob, so losing a key requires the cost of replacing the fob, disconnecting the key, and programming the fob. The total cost of this service ranges from $ 200 to $ 500 and can be even higher for luxury cars with the latest technology.

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