Honda Fit & Keys: 12 Question Answered

The Honda Fit has received praise for its countless safety features and luxurious interior design.

With comfortable seats and an expansive cargo space, the Honda Fit carves the midpoint between luxury and practicality.

One of the Honda Fit’s notable safety features is its key code system.

This article highlights everything you should know about your Honda Fit keys and how to obtain new ones when you lose them.

Honda Fit Key Fob Buttons, Functions, and Tricks
The Honda Fit key fob has three buttons: Lock, Unlock, and Panic.

The Lock button locks the car.

The Unlock button opens a locked car. Aside from unlocking your vehicle, you can also use the Unlock button to roll down all your windows at once.

To perform this trick, press your unlock button twice when your car is locked.

The Panic button activates your Honda Fit’s emergency alert system. Drivers often use this button to indicate that a thief might be trying to steal their vehicle.

How Much Does an Extra Honda Fit Key Cost?
Honda Fit replacement keys cost between $140 and $330.

Also, a few factors may determine the price at which you buy your replacement Honda Fit key. These factors are:

The type of key your Honda Fit vehicle uses: In 2015, Honda began using remote key fobs for some Honda Fit cars. Today, some Honda Fit cars use transponder keys while others use key fobs. A replacement key for a Honda Fit key fob will be less expensive than replacement transponder keys.
Where you bought your Honda Fit replacement key: A locksmith will charge more money for a Honda Fit replacement key than a Honda dealer.
When you bought the key: Replacing a Honda Fit key after working hours may cost you extra than buying the key during the day.
Original ignition or new: Every Honda Fit key contains a unique code that connects it to the vehicle’s ignition. Your locksmith or Honda dealer uses this code to cut you a replacement key.
However, if you have already replaced your original ignition, replacing your key might be more challenging.

This is why dealers and locksmiths charge more money from drivers who have changed their ignition.

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