The luxurious and lavish appeal of the car interior

The compact LED cup coasters look extravagant when assembled inside your car. These are unusual and have an exquisite charm about them as soon as they light up. Your night drives can look blazing and gleaming like never before when you fix these gorgeous lights inside that create a Hyun-cool effect in your car.

Explicit and mind-blowing specifications
The coasters are made of ABS material and are powered with light and vibration sensors as soon as you place a cup on it. Your night drives can be fun with the lighting, and all the drives will be comfortable because you can put your cups on this coaster without fear of spilling it.

The material has a good grip on the things on it; the material of the LED car cup holder is high-temperature resistant and is IP67 waterproof. So, even when your coffee is steaming hot or perfectly cold, you can shed off all the worries since your brave coasters can take care of it, as the quality is anti-scratch inbuilt.

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