Programming a Dodge RAM Key Fob How-To

You’re heading to your truck, you go to use your Dodge Ram key fob, and nothing happens. The doors don’t unlock. The lights don’t flash. Panic doesn’t work. Your Ram Box doesn’t open. You can’t lower your air suspension (if equipped). You can’t remote start your Ram truck. You stand there, pressing the button in a fury, and maybe it works just one last time, enough to get you out of the parking lot and back home, where you scour the internet for information about Dodge Ram key fob tricks. Which, thankfully, has brought you to us! In the following article, we’ll take you through some of the common issues and fixes, as well as steps you can take if you come up short in your efforts.

This article focuses on the 4th generation of Dodge Ram trucks and their respective key fob programming issues. So if you’re looking for tips on 2012 Dodge Ram key fob programming, 2013 Dodge Ram key fob programming, 2014 Dodge Ram key fob programming, or reprogramming for any Dodge Ram fob from 2009-2019, you’ve come to the right place.

Like any remote control device, there are two main components: the transmitter (in this case, your fob) and the receiver (in this case, the RKE module in your Ram truck). Your RKE module (remote keyless entry module) is always on “the lookout” for a signal from your fob, but to do that, the RKE draws power from your vehicle while also acting as a network hub for the various security sensors in your truck. All of these components need to be working properly, and as you can see, we’ve gone from two simple parts to over a dozen in a matter of seconds. Where do we begin? Let’s start with the easy stuff and work our way up!

Step 1 – Inspect the fob. Are the buttons worn? Is the shell cracked? Is it an OEM part or a knock-off? Was the fob dropped in water recently (c’mon, we’ve all done it)? Any of these issues might require a fob replacement. Well, that’s easy. You can contact our parts department to get one right off the shelf!

Step 2 – If some of the fob functions work, and some others don’t, it may indicate needing a fob replacement or Dodge Ram key fob battery replacement. To replace the battery, simply follow the steps outlined below.

Step 3 – Once you have replaced the battery and have determined that your Ram key fob is working correctly, you will need to synch it to your vehicle. You can do this by following an easy sequence of steps, as outlined below.

Step 4 – If you have followed all the listed steps to the letter and have still come up short, it may be time to schedule service in San Antonio!
What else could be wrong, you ask? As we mentioned above, there are many components in this system, and without proper diagnostic tools, it can be difficult for the civilian to determine the fault. Before you pick up the phone and give us a call, look under the hood. Find your fuse box. This is known as the Totally Integrated Power Module, or TIPM. It might be corroded. A fuse or relay might also be out. Or the circuitry inside the TIPM may be shorted.

Have you gone through a deep water crossing lately? This may be part of the problem because your TIPM stands in between your battery and the RKE. If the TIPM is on the fritz, your receiver won’t be operating correctly. Other issues might require an RKE module replacement, sensor replacement, or software update. There is an open service campaign affecting many CDJR vehicles from this era, and all that is required is a 30-minute flash at your media hub with the appropriate CDJR thumb drive.

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