How to Replace the Key Fob Battery a Alfa Romeo Giulietta

It might not happen during the lifetime that you own or lease your Alfa Romeo, but the battery may eventually die in your car’s key fob.

You can do it yourself at home and it’s relatively easy to do. All you’ll need is a new battery (the latest Alfa Romeo models use a CR2032 3-volt battery), a small flathead screwdriver and a couple of minutes of time.

Alfa Romeo Key Fob Battery Replacement Steps
Push the sides of the key fob in & slide the cover off as you’re doing that.
Remove the emergency key and set it aside.
Rotate the battery plug counter clockwise & remove it.
Take out the dead battery with the small flathead screwdriver.
Put in the new battery with the positive pole facing upwards.
Reinsert the battery plug (rotating it clockwise to tighten), emergency key & cover (snapping it shut).

Car key fob batteries typically last from 3 to 4 years depending on use. And with so many of us staying home more nowadays, you might get even more battery life out of your key fob.

The key fob is so important for your everyday drive since it’s essential for working the push-button ignition because the car relies on the key fob being present to start up. As long as it’s in your pocket or purse and the battery isn’t dead, you’re good to go!

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