Ford Transit Key Fob Remote Control Programming

1.Get in to the van and make sure all doors are closed.
2.Put any key that turns the ignition in to the ignition.
3.Turn the ignition from position “0” to position “II” eight times within 10 seconds.
4.The ignition key will end in the position “II”
5.The door locks will lock and unlock, the van is now in “programme mode” you only have 20 seconds for the next instruction
6.Press any button on the new remote
7.The door locks will lock and unlock, this indicates the remote is programmed
8.Repeat instruction 6 for any existing remotes or new remotes (a maximum of 4 remotes can be programmed)
9.Turn the ignition to position “0” the door locks will lock and unlock to show the programming is complete

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