Ford Mustang 1994-2004: How to Program Keyless Remote

Keyless entry is a convenience that undoubtedly most 1994 to 2004 Ford Mustang owners will appreciate. It allows you to quickly and easily enter your vehicle without needing to stop and fumble for your valet key. All you have to do is press the unlock button on your key fob and voila: you now have instant access to your vehicle. Opening your truck is just as easy. If you need to program a new key fob and aren't interested in shelling out $60 to a local Ford dealer for the cost of programming, then this is the guide for you. Simply follow these easy-to-understand instructions and your new key fob will make it easy for you to control your Mustang using just a few clicks of a button.

Step 1 – Add fresh batteries
Before getting started, pop a fresh battery into the key fob to ensure it functions properly during the programming procedure.

Step 2 – Program a 1994 to 1998 Mustang key fob
Open your trunk.
Remove the rear trunk panel and driver's side trunk panel to access your keyless entry module.
Remove the pin that holds the two-prong plug in place. There is a push pin holding it in place. Take it out with your hand.
The plug has several terminals, which should immediately be visible and easy to identify.
Hop into the driver's seat a moment and turn your key to the "ON" position.
If you have a helper on hand, have him or her turn your ignition "ON."
Using a paper clip that has been bent into a 90-degree angle, insert it into the connector (plug), making sure the metal touches both of the terminals to create a short.
Wait for your Mustang to enter training mode. You'll know it's in training mode when your locks cycle on and off.
Press and hold one of the four buttons present on your first key fob. Your door locks will cycle once more to indicate that key fob is trained or programmed to your Mustang.
Do the same for each remaining key fob.
Reach back into the trunk and ease the paper clip out of the connector by hand.
Turn your ignition back into the "OFF" position.
Check your key fobs.

Step 3 – Program a 1999 to 2004 Mustang key fob
Using two factory or aftermarket keyless remotes, hop into the front seat of your Mustang. Turn your ignition from the "OFF" to "RUN" position eight consecutive times; this should be done in the span of 10 seconds.
Cycle your key through the startup procedure eight times.
By the eighth time, you will land on the "RUN" position.
You should hear your vehicle doors lock and unlock.
Grab your first keyless fob if you're not already holding it, and press one of the four buttons on the remote; for example, the "LOCK" or "UNLOCK" button. This will program the remote to your Mustang.
Hit a button on your second key fob, listening for the sound of your vehicle doors locking and then unlocking.
Turn your ignition off.
Check that your key fob works.

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