2017+ Honda Civic Type-R FK8 Air Intake by MAPerformance

When we set out to make our MAPerformance FK8 Civic Type R intake we took our years of knowledge building performance aftermarket products and coupled that with the requests of our customers. With that, we knew we had to make an intake that not only performed but also looked the part!

We started by mapping the area left when removing the factory airbox, and set out to design a semi-enclosed airbox that would protect the filter from the heat of the engine bay, but not restrict any flow. While utilizing the largest K&N filter we could fit, we designed a box and custom billet velocity stack to place the filter in the optimal position to create a swirl of air entering the box and allowing cool air to be pulled into all areas of the filter.

With this we were able to build a box that bolted in with no modification utilizing factory bolt locations, we then sealed that box to the hood and utilized the factory air box inlet to feed the box with cool air. From the box and velocity stack, we then feed our in house TIG welded 304 Stainless intake tube that creates a smooth transition, that matches the size of the factory MAF housing and feeds the factory cast turbo inlet.

This whole package has a unique look, utilizes the highest flowing components we can fit into the factory allotted area decreasing restrictions, increasing airflow, and adding that ever needed intake volume missing from the factory intake! If you are looking for an intake that will work now, and grow with you as you modify your FK8 for years to come, look no further than our MAPerformance FK8 Civic Type R intake.

2017 Honda Civic

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