2009 Mercedes C300 is Comfier with Cup Holder LED Mod

The owner of this 2009 Mercedes C300 wanted to light up the cup holder of his car, so we came up with an universal Cup Holder LED mod that will work out for any vehicle. Well, this one is a bit different and not a factory retrofit, but you’ll love the look of LED Cup Holder. Please note this can be done in a few different ways with four different colors /Xenon White, Ultra Blue, Brilliant Red, Emerald Green/ and if you are creative, you can even get multicolored LEDs and put in a switch to control them.

There aren’t many cars with lighting inside the cup holders, but it’s annoying when you can’t see a thing in the car at night. What’s more, you have to feel around for stuff especially inside the cup holder area. we’ll show you the easiest way to install LED Cup Holder lights on the featured 2009 Mercedes C300.

First, make sure ignition is off, then proceed with figuring out how to pull up the cup holder – in some cases screws hold the cup holder in place, while in others, it is relatively very easy to pull it up. Once you do it, take a good look at the cup holder and decide where you want to place LEDs. In this case we drilled the holes as low as possible to the base of the cup holder to prevent the light from shining over the top and lighting the dash. It’s better you don’t see the LED strips when driving the car, but it’s up to you. Anyway, each 1" LED strip light comes with 3M double-sided tape on the back and 15" long wiring for easy installation, so all you have to do is install wire though the hole, peel the tape and press the strip on the back firmly.

Next up is wiring. In this particular case we tapped the Cup Holder LED strips to the 12V gearshift light indicator, but you can use any other 12V power source such as hand brake. Finally, put back everything in place and voila: Enjoy your new LED Cup Holder. Please note this is an universal fit product that could be used to light up inside the car such as cup holders, glove box, under dash foot area, trunk cargo or even using as instrument gauge cluster background lighting.

This 2009 Mercedes C300 looks awesome with the featured LED Cup Holder strips and the best thing is you can get the same look for just a few bucks. Maximize the interior lighting and make your car, truck, or SUV stand out with LED Cup Holder!

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