2007-2014 BWM MINI Cooper Key Fob - Replacement & Activation

Is your MINI Cooper key fob not working? The first thing that may come to your mind is that it’s broken and now needs to be replaced. This might not always be the case though, since there’s always a chance to save it!

The first 2 things to check up on? Before ordering a MINI Cooper key fob replacement, you need to ensure your key fob battery is working and check whether the key fob itself needs reactivating.

If you manage to rescue it, good for you :) If not, no worries – we’ll show you how to replace your MINI Cooper key fob smoothly, without wasting your time on visits to the dealership.

MINI Cooper key fob battery replacement
The MINI Cooper key fob battery replacement needs to be carried out once in a while if the battery leaks or if it gets too old. If you don’t know how to change your MINI Cooper key fob battery then we’ve got you covered.

Things you need:

A new MINI Cooper key fob battery replacement battery
A flat head screwdriver
What you need to do:

Take out the actual key by pressing on the small button on the side and pull out the key as it pops out.
Take your screwdriver and stick it on the fob cover until it pops up.
Take out the battery cover and remove the old battery.
Replace the new battery in place of the old one and pop back the cover.

How to activate a MINI Cooper key fob?
Ok, so the battery replacement did not help. What to do now? You may try to reactivate your key fob to see whether the error lies in faulty programming. The activation procedure will differ depending on your car generation, but Mk I MINIs produced since July 2004 have the most involved activation process:

You need to enter the vehicle and sit in the driver's seat
Keeping both keys with you, ensure that all doors are closed
Switch the ignition switch to KL-R in the first turn
Switch it back off within 5 seconds and proceed to remove the key
Within 30 seconds, press and hold the unlock button, all at the same time
Press and release the ‘lock’ button three times. (This step must be completed within 10 seconds)
Release both the buttons. Your MINI Cooper doors will lock/unlock to signal successful initialization.
For additional keys and their programming, repeat steps 3-4 within 30 seconds
Switching the ignition back to KL-R completes the initialization.
When you test the keys make sure you not only check out the lock unlock features but also other features that are included in the MINI Cooper comfort access keyless entry.

Did you know? Some MINI Cooper key fobs do not even require activation to work. All you need to do is insert the key fob into the ignition and it works seamlessly without having to go through any of the steps above.

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