1999-2013 Chevy Silverado Truck Keyless Entry Remotes

A customer asked us how many different remote controls have been used on Silverado trucks since Chevrolet introduced the new body design during the 1999 model year. The answer is that there have been 4 different technologies used and 5 different remote keyfobs. This answer surprises some people because several of the remotes look very much alike.

For all of the introductory model year in 1999 and for the 2000 model year, Silverado trucks with factory keyless entry systems used a remote with FCC ID KOBUT1BT on the case. This 3-button key fob became the first iconic remote for the Silverado.

The 2001 model year was a split year. Chevy Silverado trucks built through February 2001 continued to use Remotes Unlimited part 517-1517. Beginning with vehicles produced in March 2001, however, a new generation of Silverado factory keyless entry systems was installed. These systems used a similar-looking 3-button original remote with FCC ID KOBLEAR1XT on the case. 2002 models also used this keyfob.

GM again changed the factory keyless entry systems used at the beginning of the 2003 model year. So, Silverado trucks for the 2003-2006 models have a 3rd generation keyless entry remote. Again, it is a similar-looking 3-button remote. This time, the FCC ID on the back of the case is LHJ011.

It was not until the 2007 model year that GM introduced a 4th generation of factory keyless entry remotes for the Chevy Silverado that looked substantially different from the earlier remotes. With this new generation, GM also offered a remote start option. So, for 2007 to the present, Silverado models have used one of two remotes. The 3-button remote is RUI part 859-1859. The 4-button keyfob with remote start is RUI part 901-1901.

The first three generations of Silverado remotes are all user programmable. With the 4th generation, though, the programming method depends on the model year of your Silverado truck and the type of Driver Information Center (DIC) installed on the vehicle.

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