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Car Keys, Keyless Entry Remotes, Transponder Keys, Programming and More! We sell replacement car remotes and keys for most makes and models of automobiles. Fobs, clickers, chip keys, remotes....whatever you want to call them, we have them! We accept most major credit cards and PayPal checkout.

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Lit Up Your Moments with LED Car Interior Lights

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4 Fun Facts You Need To Know About LED Interior Lights

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Why Car LED Lights Logo?

We believe in easy access to things that are good for our mind, body and spirit. With a clever offering, superb support and a secure checkout you’re in good hands. Can Brand Logo Lights are car door lights for all car brands. Our car door projector lights including all car brands. Custom Car Door Lights – How do they work? You may have seen many similar products on the market, most of which require wires (used for power sockets), drill holes for installation, and products specifically suitable for different car models. Our Custom Car Door Lights (also known as Custom Puddle Lights, Custom Door Projector Lights or Custom Ghost Shadow Lights) are suitable for EVERY car model out there, require NO POWER OUTLETS or CABLES (wireless and battery powered).


Keyless Entry Auto Remote Duplication and Replacement

Key Harbor can replace or add a remote (keyless entry FOB) to your vehicle with an OEM/factory FOB. Each car requires a specific remote. There are hundreds of different remotes for each manufacturer. The benefits of using a remote over your car key are many. The first benefit is safety. When you are in a hurry, feel threatened, or are having trouble locating your vehicle, a remote will get you into your car much more quickly. The panic button can come in very handy as well. The first to go when you are frightened is your fine motor skills, so a button on your remote is much easier to press than trying to get a key in a lock. A second benefit is less wear and tear on your door cylinder and key. If you do not use a remote to unlock your door, the key is getting twice as much wear as when you unlock the door with a remote. Door cylinders on many vehicles wear our more quickly if a key is used over and over to unlock it. We see many worn door lock cylinders that no longer work because they have been worn out by the constant use of a key. Key Harbor carries only OEM/factory keyless entry FOBs for almost all vehicles that are equipped with the factory keyless entry system. We can add a remote to your car within minutes, using computer software or procedures that ensure only your remotes unlock your car. Whether you have a remote now and want to add another or you have no remote but need one, we can do it. We have most keyless entry remotes in stock. The price you are quoted from Key Harbor will always include programming and is usually less than dealer pricing. If you are getting prices from anyone else, always ask if the price you are given includes programming. There are no hidden charges at Key Harbor.


From Car Lockouts to Key Fob Battery Replacement, You Can Count On Palmer Lock

Import & Foreign Car Keys In-Stock

Have you lost your car keys lately? Car keys are much more complicated devices these days, but they’re just as easy to lose. We’re Palmer Lock and Key, your licensed and certified locksmiths who have been rescuing motorists for over 30 years. Fortunately, with our high-tech mobile service, you can get a car key replacement day or night. Why not put our phone number in your contacts right away? It’s listed below. We offer an extensive home and automobile locksmithing service in addition to dashing to the rescue for car lockouts.

We handle foreign car key programming and car key replacement for Honda remotes, Lexus remotes, and key fob programming for your type of car. We do transponder key cutting and can replace lost car keys conveniently for your Supra, Highlander, CR-V, or Telluride. We specialize in these services:

.Infiniti car keys and remotes
Honda car keys and programming
Toyota car keys and fobs
Nissan car keys and remote heads
Mazda car keys and fobs
Hyundai car keys and programming
Kia car keys replacement and programming

We’ve Got Keys and Technology for Your Make and Model

From prox keys and smart keys to remote head keys, intelligent keys, EPROM programming, and reflashing, our team knows your modern car’s computer-controlled locking system.
We replace keys at a much better car key replacement cost. Whether your car is classic or brand new, we’re the local auto locksmith for all your lockout and car key replacement needs.

Domestic Car Keys Made

Our domestic car key service can get you back on the road quickly with smart keys, remote head keys so you can enjoy your car’s features, and specialized GM remotes for your Camaro or Corvette. Count on us for:

Ford car keys and programming
GM car keys for all models
Chevrolet car keys and fobs
Cadillac car keys and remote heads